Paychatik: modern crypto wallet with low scam risks

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Paychatik is the easiest, safest and fastest crypto wallet to send, receive, swap and build a cryptocurreny portfolio. Their goal is to provide direct and regulated access to the digital blockchain ecosystem.

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Who is paychatik founder?

Theoder innocent okechukwu is the founder and CEO of paychatik

When was paychatik founded?

Paychatik is founded 2022 by theoder innocent okechukwu who keeps building and making it a safe place to store crypto and to transact.


Paychatik Features

  • Send & receive payment
  • Request payment
  • Convert crypto
  • Chat before payment
  • Market tracking (Track the market for your favourite crypto on
  • Save crypto currency
  • Withdraw
  • Buy and sell crypto
  • Generate payment links
  • Usertag (know verified wallet with this feature)
  • 24/7 Live customer support

Why you should use paychatik?

You will have control of your funds, send, receive and use on the go anytime any day.

Is paychatik registered?

Yes, paychatik is a registered limited liability entity in the United kingdom as “Paychatik Ltd.” Paychatik is legally operating as a company and as a blockchain service provider.

Can I send and receive payment from external wallet with paychatik?

Yes sure, all you need to do for example: if you want to receive payment on paychatik from external wallet “ie a third-party platform” just go to receive and copy your wallet address for particular token you want to receive and send to who wants to send your payment,

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If you want to send just request they give you wallet address or provide you QR code to scan and send

Benefits of sending payment to paychatik user

If you’re sending payment to paychatik user you will pay very low fees for the transaction that’s -50% of normal payment transaction to external wallet, the same thing applies to when you accept payment request you will pay very low fees.

How to send payment to paychatik user

Just copy their usertag or (nametag) and send the payment, sending payment to paychatik users with nametag or usertag will actually save you from possible crypto transaction scams, Learn more here

Paychatik is one of the best modern global crypto wallets second to blockchain wallet, thank you for reading this article and if you like this article kindly share it with others.

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