2 Apps to Buy USDT using Debit/Credit Card without verification of KYC and OTP

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Best 2 Apps to Buy USDT using Debit/Credit Card without verification of KYC and OTP anywhere in the world, Buy Bitcoin using bank transfer.

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How to buy USDT using debit/credit card without verification of OTP and KYC

Alot of our readers (newbies and professional) crypto traders and holders really wants to buy cryptocurrency using debit/credit card while some few number of them are looking for apps to buy crypto using debit/credit card without OTP verification.

Top 2 Apps to Buy USDT with Debit/Credit Card without verification of KYC and OTP

On this article we are going to list out number of applications but firstly we will be addressing the frequently asked questions we got from some of our readers when we posted on our group that we will make this article to educate people about it,

The following apps are the top 2 (two) apps to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies;

  1. Inflowbit App: available on Google Playstore, on Appstore and on web (www.inflowbit.com).
  2. Luno App: available on Google Play and Appstore.
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Can I buy USDT using debit card without ID verification?

yes, you can buy USDT using debit card without ID verification, wether it is verve card, master card or visa card

Can I buy Crypto using debit card without OTP verification?

Again, yes you can buy Bitcoin in nigeria using debit card without OTP verification, wether it is verve card, master card or visa card

Can I buy USDT using bank transfer?

yes you can, we have made list of apps to use bank transfer and buy USDT from while some you can use debit card to buy.

How can i buy USDT using debit card without OTP verification?

To buy USDT using debit card without OTP verification or identity verification Click Here,

Now for those who want to buy USDT using bank transfer you have two options, it’s either you use P2P or you use a direct trade platform platform method,

What is P2P?

Peer-to-peer (P2P) is a decentralized communications model in which each party has the same capabilities and either party can initiate a communication session,

This means on a particular platform you will meet someone you don’t know and then open up a trade with the person but your funds will be secure with what’s called “Escrow Service”

What is Escrow?

Escrow is a legal arrangement in which a third party temporarily holds money or property until a particular condition has been met (such as the fulfillment of a purchase agreement),

To further throw light to the above paragraph. In it’s short form is that you have you asset locked and will only be released when both parties agrees that deal is done and evidence must be provided in event of disputes.

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For example, if i want to sell USDT token now and you want to buy it, my USDT will be locked by the system the buyer will confirm that he or she has made payment then it’s my obligation to release the token otherwise buyer will file appeal and support will step in to resolve the issue asking both parties to provide evidence.

Our Recommendation

luno has been dominating the African crypto market for years before inflowbit emerges, luno offers you multiple payment options but will slam you with unreasonable limits but on Inflowbit you buy with reasonable limits, you can buy crypto worth over one hundred thousand US dollars ($100,000) on Inflowbit but you can’t on luno, we recommend you use Inflowbit but the both apps are good.

Now moving forward, we have two platforms if you want to carryout the P2P option to buy cryptocurrency which are the following kindly click on any of the options to land on the page or app in store:

if you are looking to deal with direct platform like for example, enter amount of Crypto you want to buy and pay to generated account details on the platform then get your crypto straight into your wallet, use buy crypto do not forget to leave us a comment below and share this post “Top 4 Apps to Buy Bitcoin with Debit Card without OTP verification” with others. See you on the next one ❤️

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