How to skip phone verification while creating gmail account

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Here’s how to skip phone verification while creating gmail account for those who have used their phone number over and over again in creating gmail accounts and want to Bypass phone verification to enable them make multiple accounts on same device.

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If You Run Things online wither Legit or Illegal, You will be needing Gmail accounts almost everytime. Am sure you already understand how that point looks.

As soon as You begin to Open More and More accounts using same mobile number for verification, at a point gmail will no longer allow that phone number returning the message that the Phone number has been overused. At this Junction, before you can create new account you need a new phone number else you will get locked at the verification stage.

Almost every online registration you do Need Gmail account so, You can’t do without Gmail unless you aren’t wild online. As a matter of fact and a as a genius in the system, “the numbers of Gmail accounts I have is not known because they are too much to number” I open new Gmail accounts almost everyday.

Having known this, Let me quickly share with you how to skip phone verification while creating gmail account. With this you will be able time create as many accounts as you desire even without phone number.

How To Skip Phone Verification While Creating Gmail Account

From Your Android Device, Open Your Gmail app and click on the Create new account button. Having Selected the Add Account Tab. The Gmail App always come with every android device but If You don’t Have it on your device, You can download here

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how to skip phone verification while creating gmail accountEnter Your Name (first and Last name) the name you choose will always display when you send messages to clients.


how to skip phone verification while creating gmail accountEnter Your Date of Birth and Gender


Enter Your Password .The password can be changed at any point in time through Gmail settings.


Select or enter your email address (If the email is already chosen, You will be given opportunity to enter more email until you get the available one.)


The next step is the Phone verification stage. At this junction, you will either need to enter your phone number or bypass it using the Skip Button at the buttom end.

Now Your account is ready for use. Just continue, Accept terms and policies and you are good to go without having added any phone number.


Some Days, Gmail Might Ask for a Mobile Number after Creating Account over and Over again. You can add your previously used Phone number for confirmation. After which you can continue creating multiple accounts again, That’s how it goes. Need further help? Contact Us.

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