How to retrieve NIN (Nigerian Identity Number)

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If you are trying to retrieve your NIN and you are unable to do so then here is how to retrieve NIN without issues.

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What Is NIN?

NIN is National Identification Number, a major identification number that is mainly required for major documentations in Nigeria and abroad especially during application for Nigerian international passport or in the bank, NIN as well refered to as Nigerian Identification number is one step to becoming Nigerian national.

anyone without NIN can not acquire nigerian passport or be able to open a bank account in nigeria with a good limit of transactions, sometimes you can lose your NIN slip but you can actually retrieve the number which will help you be able to get a number slip or the original card which is National identity card. if you already have NIN and lost it this article is for you but if you have not applied for NIN, you do not have existing NIN this article is not for you. kindly refer to the following paragraph if you are looking to apply for your own NIN.

How Can I Get NIN?

  1. Pick up your phone that has the SIM CARD you used to register for the NIN
  2. Dial *346# and send
  3. When the options are displayed, choose the “NIN Retrieval” option
  4. The NIN will be displayed on your screen and #20 Nigerian naira will be debited from your available airtime
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What If I Don’t Have Airtime?

you must have airtime for this retrieval process to work otherwise it will fail, you should top up your airtime if you have low airtime before you start this process.

When number four (4) option is done ensure to copy the NIN quickly or write it down on a piece of paper for later use,

This is how to retrieve NIN (Nigerian Identity Number) if you lost yours, thanks for reading I will see you on the next article.

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