How to Buy USDT in Nigeria (Step by Step Guide)

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Looking to buy USDT crypto? here’s how to Buy USDT in Nigeria with bank transfer, Buy USDT with Debit card or Credit card in Nigeria, zero hassles.

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A Guide on How to Buy USDT Crypto in Nigeria 🇳🇬

There are hundreds of crypto exchanges in Nigeria and thousands of them in the African continent but the issue lies on reliability and how secure the platform is, some platforms you will sign up and buy but can’t be able to successfully withdraw your asset you just paid for while some will upset you with restrictions placed on your account,

This article will guide you through the steps to Buy USDT in Nigeria at best rates.

How can I Buy USDT Crypto in Nigeria?

If you want to buy USDT in Nigeria within 5 minutes you will need Inflowchange App,

Get Inflowchange app on google play or appstore to buy USDT in Nigeria, you can as well visit the website

Take the following steps when you have downloaded the inflowchange app

Create Inflowchange Account

To create account on inflowchange you will need a valid email which you have access to the mailbox,

Open the app, you will see a sign up button below, How to Buy USDT in Nigeria

Tap on the sign up button and enter your email address

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How to Buy USDT in Nigeria

Now type in your email address in the email field

How to Buy USDT in Nigeria

Inflowchange Account Verification

After entering your email address, an email will be sent to your mailbox with verification code, now enter the six (6) digit verification code in the following field.

How to Buy USDT in Nigeria

After you have entered the six (6) digit verification codes in the field

How to Buy USDT in Nigeria

Next and final step of the inflowchange account creation is the tap the verify & proceed button below

How to Buy USDT in Nigeria

Inflowchange Login

Next you will find yourself logged-in automatically to your account, you will see your account dashboard as seen on the following snippet

How to Buy USDT in Nigeria

Now in order for you to buy USDT crypto you will have to set up your profile by navigating to the right below settings tab, set your account, name and other necessary settings, after that the Buy button will be available for you to buy USDT crypto.

That’s all on How to Buy USDT in Nigeria, buying of USDT Crypto made easy, kindly share.

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