Flash Funds: How scammers are making money with Flash Funds

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How scammers are making money with Flash Funds, a flash that reflects into bank account available balance, flash funds that reflects in mobile banking app, making money with flash funds is very easy only if you know how to do so.

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These scammers make lots of money with Flash Funds by scamming business owners and their other unsuspecting victims,

How scammers are making money with Flash Funds

These scammers follow below steps:-

  1. They look for a client they will do business with
  2. Someone who they or the third-party that is expecting payment from them for goods and services.
  3. They will reach an agreement on how to get the job delivered and amount payable
  4. They will plan on date payment from them is expected by the client (their victims)
  5. They will then get the Flash Funds software license
  6. They will sign up for flash funds account
  7. They will set up their flash funds account
  8. They will get bank account details of the beneficiary (the client’s bank account details)
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when they have done all the above steps, next is to begin using the flash funds software for their fraudulent transfers (flash funds transactions).

How scammers use Flash Funds software for flash funds transactions

  • They open the flash funds software
  • They enter flash funds details to log-in
  • after they have logged in, they will navigate to the flash funds feature
  • They will open the flash funds feature and select country
  • after selecting country, next is to type in the beneficiary (client or receiver they are sending payment to) bank account information,
  • They will enter sender bank account information
  •  Enter amount they want to send to beneficiary as both parties agreed and as third party is expecting
  • set delivery settings (instant or as foreign transfer)
  • after setting the delivery settings, they will submit the flash funds transaction

What is the difference between “Instant” and “Foreign transfer”?

Instant: this means you want the payment to hit the bank account available balance immediately as (local transfer)

Foreign: this means they are sending the flash funds payment as foreign transfer which means the payment will take 2-3 (two to three) business days to arrive in beneficiary account available balance

Does the flash funds generate payment receipt?

the flash funds generates payment receipt and this comes in two different ways and it is up to them to choose which they want, their victim will also need payment receipt and here is where the need for them to generate payment receipt comes in, the flash funds receipt is of two types which are,

  • Flash funds payment receipt PDF format
  • Flash funds payment receipt Jpeg format
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They will be able to generate payment receipt immediately after your flash funds transaction, they can as well generate payment receipt by going to the recent transactions section – choose the transaction they want to generate receipt for and click the “generate receipt button to generate payment receipt for the particular transaction.

How long will the flash funds stay in beneficiary available balance?

They configure and set the flash funds transaction to how long they want it, they set this by contacting the flash funds team and making their request on how they want it and on which transaction or let them know they want it applied to all flash funds transactions on their account.

Is the Flash Funds spendable?

the flash funds is spendable, the flash funds transaction is also transferable. when they buy flash funds software they ask the support team to help them set it up, they discuss with the support team to enable the team know how they want their finishing of transactions and account settings.

Does the flash funds transaction reflect on bank account available balance?

flash funds transaction does not only reflect on the beneficiary’s bank account available balance but as well reflects on

  • Internet banking
  • Bank Mobile app
  • ATM (automated teller machine) balance checking

again, as explained on one of above paragraphs. it takes instant or 2-3 days to reflect into bank account available balance of their victims and there is no way a suspicion will be ever raised making these scammers safe.

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Does it require VPN to use?

no VPN or anything is required before they can use this flash funds software, all they need is the license and for them to sign up and begin using it.

Countries flash funds does not work in

  1. Moldova
  2. North Korea
  3. Syria
  4. Sudan
  5. Somalia

Above five (5) listed countries the flash funds will not work there, the flash funds team recommended anyone not to purchase the flash funds software if they intend to use it in any of those above listed five countries, it works in any other country not listed above perfectly fine according to them.

Why does flash funds not require VPN?

According to flashfunds.tech, Flash funds does not require VPN because it has a built-in security that keeps all transactions secure, when scammers use flash funds be rest assured that they are in safe heaven.

Flash Funds Limits

the flash funds limits are dependent on the license plan you are using, if the scammers want an unlimited flash funds plan they buy the Pentium plan that is unlimited, it can carry out more than one million US dollars ($1M) transactions daily without any limitation because it is a professional plan with no daily limit.

Flash Funds License Plans

Flash Funds comes in two (2) different plans:

  1. Intermediate License
  2. Pentium (professional) License

For small transactions, intermediate is suitable but for big amount of transactions, “Pentium (professional) license plan” Is suitable.

Different types of Flash funds softwares

  1. Flashfunds.tech
  2. Offrakle.tech
  3. Hackcanyon.app
  4. flashfundsbank.io

Where can I get flash funds softwares?

Scammers get flash funds softwares from the following vendors:

  • offraklesoftwares.com
  • flashfunds.in
  • darkwebsoftwares.com
  • hackcanyon.com
  • fakebankalerts.com
  • cardroprosoftwares.com

Where to get Flash Funds software in India 🇮🇳

Indian scammers get their own flash funds mostly from flashfunds.in

That is how scammers are making money with Flash Funds now and you should ensure to protect yourself at all cost, the safest way to accept payment nowadays if you fear flash funds is bank cash deposit or physical cash at hand to avoid fake bank alert fraud.

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