PayPal: I can pay but I can not receive payment (SOLVED!)

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I can pay but I can not receive payment on paypal? here’s why! some of us (PayPal users) have had this frustrating experience in the past while many of us are stucked in this situation yet struggle to understand why this is happening to them or (you!)

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If you’re having this experience already when someone (a friend or business partner) try to send payment to you they’ll get below error as shown on Screenshot that the recipient can not receive payment at the moment. Is time to stop complaining “I can pay but I can not receive payment on paypal”

PayPal: I can pay but I can not receive payment

we know how frustrating this can be that’s why we have come up with a solution for you. Might not be the solution everyone out there may like but is what you need to do in order to receive your PayPal Payments.

I have the solution in listed steps below just follow it and cheers!

  • STEP 1:- go-to Google Play or AppStore and download any VPN of your choice

RECOMMENDED VPN: “Secure VPN” below are Screenshots guide on how to download it

after installing this vpn app. Open the app and select location as United Kingdom, set to United Kingdom, turn your mobile off, turn it on and do same Settings on the VPN app. Set to United Kingdom and then open your Google play or AppStore and search for paypal app, download paypal app and install it. When you’re done you can then sign up, during your sign up set your location to United Kingdom. You must select country “United Kingdom”

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after filling out the form your confirm the paypal user agreement terms and privacy Policy, tap the stay logged in checker and sign up.

as you can see on above Screenshot I am a user of paypal and below is prove that I am leading by example. I used the vpn as well and this is the same process I took to bypass such frustrating restriction that is causing you to wail to your friends “I can pay but I can not receive payment on paypal.

Lest I forgot to tell you. The reason you can not receive payment is because of the rule in your country, make your research and findings.

You Can As Well Try the best Custom VPN if you can afford it If I am wrong I stand to be corrected by below comment section and please do not forget to subscribe to our newsletter. I can pay but I can not receive payment on paypal? Not anymore with above guides! Thanks for dropping by!

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