Microsoft just made the future of portable laptops

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The Surface Pro 9

The windows pc has held a place in the center of our lives for over 40years and running, boosting creativity, productivity and keeping us all connected.

For 10years the Surface edition has challenged PC innovation, making the impossible, possible making a laptop, desktop and mobile in one form factor.

Introducing the Surface pro 9 leading the surface series this year, it is a full embodiment of what a productivity device should be, combining the power of a powerful laptop and a portable tablet.

Features of the Pro 9

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The Surface Pro 9 is built with high grade aluminum grading with different colours to go, it also carries a built-in kickstand and a 13-inch pixelsense display serving as a journal, canvas, notepad or even a device for media consumption.

With high levels of performance driven specifications the Surface 9 pro houses a 12th Gen Intel processor built on the Intel Evo platform powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon with 5G connectivity.

The latest 12th Gen Intel® Core™ processor offers incredible power and performance. Verified as an Intel® Evo™ device, it’s ready for real-world multi-tasking, full desktop productivity, all-day battery life and intense workloads – with up to 50% more performance than Surface Pro 8. Thunderbolt™ 4 enables rapid data transfer, docking to multiple 4K displays, or supporting an eGPU set-up.

Surface Pro 9 (5G) keeps you connected anywhere. Surface Pro 9 (5G) with Microsoft SQ® 3 keeps you connected with high-speed 5G. Unlock Neural Processing Unit (NPU) powered camera experiences including Automatic Framing and Eye Contact.

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Battery that keeps going and going Surface Pro 9 with Intel® 12th Gen has up to 15.5 hours of battery life. Also 5G with Microsoft SQ® 3 has up to 19 hours of battery life and extra battery life means fewer stops to charge along the way. 

To help us celebrate 10 years of Surface, we’ve partnered with London-based global design house “Liberty” to bring art and technology together to create a special-edition Surface Pro keyboard and laser-etched Surface Pro 9 with an exclusive pattern in a vibrant blue floral inspired by the Windows 11 Bloom – available in select markets, only at Liberty and Microsoft Stores while supplies last. The elegantly patterned engraving and matching keyboard stand out, and the pair represents something special that we can’t wait for you to see for yourself – You can order the new Surface pro 9 here

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