How to register company in UK 2024

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Struggling to register your company in UK? here is How to register company in UK for free get approved within couple of days.

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If you love the United Kingdom and would love to move in there or you already living here and wants to start up your own company then the first step is to legally ground your company as you kick off.

How to register LTD company in UK

We have made this article to put you through the steps on how to set up your limited liability company in the UK without stress, no middle man or lawyer required to do this.

First thing you must do if you want to start up a company is to do your name search, you can learn how to give your business a perfect name here, after picking up a suitable name next is to do domain name search for your business if you want to go digital, if you don’t want to go digital you can ignore the domain name search but we advice you go digital because we are in modern age where 80% of everything is on internet.

To do a name search or to register your company domain name we suggest you use namecheap,

Why should I use namecheap hosting?

Namecheap popularly known for her affordable pricings, which makes it the domain and hosting provider attractive choice for small business, enterprise owners and entrepreneurs. Unlike other domain registrars that offer premium pricing for premium features, It offers a range of essential features at affordable prices. One of the reasons you should use namecheap is their fast and ability to help you through any challenge with topnotch security.

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When you are done with your domain name next to do is to search your name on the company house server.

Register Limited Liability Company in the UK within 1hour!

How to register LTD company in UK

To kickstart your company registration in UK click here or go to Google and type in “” to get started, when the page open click on “Start” button below and you are good to go, it is easy and simple.

Requirements for setting up limited liability company in UK

  • You will need to pay £20 fee
  • You must detail what your company does
  • Your company must comply with the terms of company house
  • Your company must fall in the eligible or allowed company registration
  • Your company must not deal with illegal or prohibited services/trades such as child trafficking, pornography and etcetera.

Can I register my cryptocurrency company or crypto exchange in UK?

If you plan to register a cryptocurrency company or exchange note that you must have to acquire license to legally operate crypto exchange which is responsibility of FCA UK (financial conduct authority).

If you encounter any challenge, need help registering the company or have any questions leave a comment in the comment section below and you will be responded to. One love ♥️

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