How to Avoid Fake Bank Alert Fraud

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Here on this article, you will understand how to avoid becoming victim of fake bank alert fraud, how scammers do fake bank alert, how scammers do flash funds, how to detect fake bank alert, before we dive more into this let’s put you through a clarification of the difference between flash funds and fake bank alert then how fraudsters carryout these crimes against unsuspecting victims.

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What Is Flash Funds?

these cyber criminals will open a trade as buyer of digital asset from their unsuspecting victims on any platform such as Inflowchange, Binance, Kucoin, Paychatik and more, after they open trade to buy Bitcoin or USDT they will then pay their victim (seller of digital asset) which the victim will confirm receiving payment from the cyber criminal and releases the digital asset to the buyer (cyber criminal) that’s it,

What Happens After That?

whatever happens or issue with the payment and withdrawal that comes up next or afterwards is all on the victim to deal with, this has led many to huge loss all over the world making many of their victims to lose so much money in such wired advanced scam.

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Types of Flash Funds

There are many types of flash funds and they all vary from MT103 type to MT202 type ranging from different methods by wares, it all depends on what the scammer that is targeting anyone/whoever is using,

how to avoid becoming victim of fake bank alert fraud, how scammers do fake bank alert, how scammers do flash funds

Break Down;

  • Local payment: local payment is when you want to pay someone in South Africa and you are also living in South Africa then you want to pay the person (local to local payment) in this case the flash funds will reflect instantly immediately you initiate it
  • Cross boarder payment: cross boarder payment is when you live in India 🇮🇳 and you want to pay someone in Australia (it can be tagged “swift payment”) In this case the flash funds payment will not reflect instantly because it is cross boarder payment and will take two to three (2-3) business days to arrive to beneficiary’s bank account

Most of these scammers set this payments and configure before they begin the transaction initiation.

Can You Assist Me on How To Do Flash Funds?

I can’t assist with that because flashing funds or any form of unauthorized access or manipulation of financial accounts is illegal and unethical. If you have concerns or issues with your binary options trading account, I recommend reaching out to the platform’s customer support or seeking advice from financial professionals.

Engaging in illegal activities not only jeopardizes your financial well-being but also has legal consequences. It’s crucial to conduct financial transactions and trading activities within the bounds of the law and adhere to ethical standards. If you’re facing difficulties, consider seeking legitimate assistance through proper channels.

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I write to educate people in the tech space, mostly on fraud prevention, these days flash funds scams is becoming common and if you fear you might become a victim one day I recommend you learn how to detect fake bank alert here,

most importantly, you should take note that there is flash funds and there is fake bank alert, the two are different, they are not the same.

What is Difference between Flash Funds and Fake Bank Alert?

account, have you experienced this? If your answer is yes then it’s ninety percent plus (90%+) probability that the person is a scammer and whoever the person was used flash funds software to pay you.

Fake Bank Alert Apps/Softwares

Most of the Fake bank alert apps they use can be found on public domains while the flash funds softwares are not found on public domains because Playstore and Appstore will never approve such malicious apps to the public, many of them download this app for fake bank alerts while some use, some use while some get the fake bank alert software at to carry out their fake bank alert frauds.

Where Does Cyber Criminals Get Flash Funds Softwares?

Scammers get most of this forbidden softwares they use to carry out their crimes from the following platforms;

  • Offrakle – this offrakle software gives cyber criminals more ability to do more harms to innocent unsuspecting victims of their malicious activities such taking out money from people’s cards, h*cking, cloning and many more
  • – this flash funds software/platform is not as flexible as offrakle has many features
  • – where to get flash funds softwares of all types without limits
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Most of these scammers use offrakle to receive payments, learn more here on how scammers use offrakle to receive payments from abroad and understand how to play safe,

They’re able to receive fraudulent payments from their victims or scams partners from abroad using offrakle because it provides them offshore bank accounts for them to use,

Do they have full access to the bank accounts offrakle provide for them?

Yes, they do have full access to the accounts such as internet banking and mobile app banking, pin, password and e-mail address. whenever they receive payment to these accounts they mostly use it to buy digital assets such as Bitcoin or USDT stable token while some will transfer it and use it as they please,

How to do fake bank alert

A lot of you asking how you can do fake bank alert should take note that it is illegal and unethical thing to do and it could land you in jail, whatever you do or however you do what you want is all up to you, those of you who are here to learn I hope I have saved you from losing your money to these fraudsters. Kindly share.

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