How Fraudsters Check Bank Account Available Balance with S-Balance

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Fraudsters now check bank account available balance especially checking of credit/debit card available balance to determine if there’s money in it before they will carry out their fraudulent activity,

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cyber criminals are now checking Bank Account Available Balance to avoid wasting their time gaining access to bank account that has no money in it, they Check Bank Account Available Balance with S-Balance

What Is S-Balance?

S-Balance is software used to check bank account available balance, a software internet fraudsters use to check credit card available balance and to check debit card available balance.

S-Balance History

S-Balance was introduced in the year 2024 by, S-Balance is very easy to use according to it’s users comments on X platform,

How To Use S-Balance

For you to use S-Balance you will have to get it first, when you get it I suppose there should be a manual for that on how to use S-Balance.

How S-Balance Works

S-Balance doesn’t work only on credit or debit cards, it also works on full bank account informations, this is why you should keep your financial and private informations confidential because fraudsters are everywhere, it could be your relative either an informant to hackers or your relative is a sole hacker him or herself. Be safe out there!

How to Get S-Balance (Credit card balance checker)

For you to get S-Balance I suggest you go-to and contact them or check their menu, you can try going to

S-Balance Developers

S-Balance Developers are offrakle technologies (, they are the people responsible for S-Balance existence and their identity remains unknown to this day.


This article is for educational purpose and I hope this puts you through something educative by raising your awareness and pushing you to protect your credit or debit card informations more hidden even away from your direct relatives or wife.

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