Edtech and the classroom

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Edtech and the classroom, Technology has been present in classrooms for many years, but the use of technology in classrooms is constantly increasing.

A study in 2020 revealed that 79% of teachers are using technology in almost every lesson. This is triple the number that it was 10 years ago.

The concept of using technology for educational purposes is referred to as educational technology, or edtech for short. The edtech industry is worth over 106 billion in 2021, and expected to reach almost 378 billion by 2028.

Traditional face-to-face classes have served as an effective method of learning and teaching for the longest time.

It has produced visible and satisfactory results and hasn’t been questioned until the world faced a common enemy, the CoVid-19 pandemic that stopped everyone from attending the traditional in-person classes.

Are you saying students should be stopped from attending the traditional in-person classes?

Of course not, but it should be considered since there’s a lot not to mention but a few benefit attached to the in use of educational technology in classrooms;

1. Sharpening students’ critical thinking

Technology will have an impact on students’ critical thinking skills depending on a variety of elements, including the type of technology used and the context in which it is used.

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2. Accessible long-distance learning

With busy schedules and hectic jobs, it has become difficult and important to enhance your skill set. This is where EdTech comes in. With virtual lessons slowly replacing traditional lectures, education is more relevant and convenient than ever.

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Students can organize their time and learn in a suitable time slot of their choice. They can also undertake subjects and courses that are outside their course curriculum for enhanced knowledge.

3. Sparks up students curiosity to explore more.

4. Communication.

Education at its heart is about human connections and relationships. While we can never replace the magic that happens between great teachers and students in an in-person environment,

We should focus on the social aspects of technology to enhance connections from a distance.

Much more attention must be directed on how technology will enhance teaching and learning in a blended learning environment reaching students, both in school and at home.

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