6 Best Virtual Business Phone Number Apps 2022

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Here’s 6 Best Virtual Business Phone Number Apps – Check out the Free and Paid business phone number plans, Managing business phone calls from your personal phone number can become very annoying, and it takes away your privacy. Not to mention it doesn’t scale as you hire more people.

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This is why many new and established business owners use virtual business phone number apps to get a custom phone number for their business.

A virtual business phone number allows you to use the same number on laptops, mobile phone, desktop handsets, and more. You can easily forward calls, record voice messages, and share the same number among employees.

You can quickly and easily setup a virtual business phone number without any technical knowledge. All you have to do is download the app on your phone or computer, and you can get started.

In this article, we’ll share our pick of the best virtual business phone number apps for small businesses (including free and unlimited options).


Why Do You Need a Virtual Business Phone Number?

Whether you run a small business website or an eCommerce store, offering customers a fast way to contact you will help you grow your business.

Most businesses now have an online presence, and customers need multiple ways to reach out.

While communication tools like business email, live chat, or text messages (SMS) can be useful, nothing beats the personal human connection of hearing an actual human on the other end of the line.

Normally, businesses believe that having a landline number is quite enough. However, they soon realize how ineffective the traditional landlines are when it comes to handling business and customer calls.

And you definitely don’t want to make the mistake of using your personal phone number for business.

This is where a virtual business phone number app can help. It gives you the following benefits over the traditional land phone line and mobile phone numbers.

  • You can use it on your personal cell phone with mobile apps, your laptop computer, existing desk phone, and other devices.
  • One number can be shared by different employees at the same time. You can also assign personal number or phone extensions for individual team members.
  • Call routing, call recording, waiting, ringtones, vacation responses, business hours, caller id, and all other business communication functionality can all be managed via the app.
  • Voice messages, text messaging, video conferencing, call to email transcription, and cheaper local/international phone calls are just the cherry on top
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That being said, let’s take a look at some of the best virtual business phone apps that you can use.

If you’d prefer written instructions, just keep reading.

  • Nextiva – Nextiva is the top virtual business phone number service provider on the market. They make it super easy to manage your virtual phone number using their app on your desktop / laptop computer, mobile phone, tablets, or a desk phone.

You can even keep your local phone number and use it with Nextiva to get HD voice calling over VoIP. They also allow you to get virtual business phone numbers for different geographic locations.


In other words, you can get local area code phone numbers for different US states to better appeal to local business owners and your target customers.

Nextiva has a powerful set of features included in each plan like call forwarding/routing, auto attendant, receptionist, voicemail transcription, voice mail to email, call queuing, unlimited calls, and call analytics.

Their virtual phone system app works on both iPhone (iOS) and Android phones, so you can receive all inbound business calls on your personal mobile device.

Nextiva also allows you to get vanity phone numbers for your business line, and they have an auto dialer feature to help you save time.

Pricing: Starting from $18.95 per user each month.

  • Ooma office phone – Ooma is a popular business VOIP phone provider that offers 1-800 toll free phone numbers at affordable prices. You can add a toll free number to any Ooma office plan. By default they will pre-select a toll-free phone number for you, but you also have the option to choose a new free business phone number.
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Ooma office platform comes with all powerful features that you would expect from a VOIP service such as virtual receptionist, extension dialing, music-on-hold, smart mobile phone apps, and more.


Best of all the setup is very easy, and you can do it within minutes.

Pricing: Their plan starts at $19.95 per month which comes with a free toll-free number and 35+ business phone features.

  • Grasshopper – Grasshopper provides an easy virtual phone number service for startups and small businesses. It comes with a mobile app that allows you to manage your business phone system on any device and from any location.

They offer virtual business numbers, vanity numbers, local numbers for different regions, 800 and 833 toll-free numbers to choose from.


You can keep business and personal calls separate with the same device and never miss a call. Grasshopper combines all essential features in one package with call forwarding, voice mail, business texting, business VoIP and WiFi calling, automated greeting, and more.

A lot of small business owners use Grasshopper to receiving incoming calls on their personal phone plans.

Pricing: Starting from $26 per month for 1 number and 3 extensions.

  • Google Voice (Free) – If you are looking for a free virtual business phone app, then Google Voice would be the best option for you. If you are already using G Suite, then you can integrate it with all other Google Apps you are already using for your business.

Individual users and soloprenuers can use the personal plan to get a virtual phone number and call anywhere in the US and Canada for free.

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However, the personal plan does not give you access to many of the business phone features included in their business plan such as auto-attendant, desk phone support, etc.

Pricing: Free for personal use. Paid plans start from $10 per user/per month.

  • Phone.com is another great option to get a virtual business phone system. They offer affordable business phone services for startups, soloprenuers, and small businesses.

They also offer cheaper call rates to some European countries and Canada by counting those as local call minutes. From features perspective, you get mobile apps, call forwarding/routing, virtual assistant, IVR menus, text messaging, fax, and more.


They offer pay per minute plans which allows you to pay less based on your usage. However, it can easily get very expensive as your business needs grow.

Pricing: Pay per minute plans starting from $12.99 per month. Unlimited plans starting from $29.99 / month per extension.

  • eVoice – Evoice is a popular business phone company offering international coverage, particularly in the United Kingdom. They offer business phone system, virtual numbers, toll-free numbers, and local numbers for different regions.

Their plans include call management tools, virtual receptionist, outbound calling app, conference calling and more. You can get custom phone numbers for UK, EU, Canada, USA, and many other countries.


You can choose from multiple plans each comes with a different number of users you can add, and set of call minutes. Call forwarding rates are different based on your location and the number you are forwarding to.

Pricing: Starting from £7.50 per month for 1 user.

These are the 6 Best Virtual Business Phone Number Apps you should consider using for your business wether small or large business, if this article “6 Best Virtual Business Phone Number Apps” is helpful kindly share it.

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